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A very sweet collage activity to create 4 textured designs of animals hugging.
Get creative with paper the set comes with thick pieces of plain coloured paper that can be glued onto the illustrated backgrounds, creating scenes with love and tenderness.
Features beautiful papers that are pleasant to work with, double-sided adhesive stickers: a clean activity and an explanatory booklet in colour with pictures only.
Develops the precision of gestures and the learning shapes and sizes
Contents: 4 illustrated cards to complete, 6 sheets of thick, coloured and pre-cut paper, 4 sheets of stickers, 1 sheet of double-sided adhesive stickers and 1 explanatory booklet in colour.
Designed by Olivia Cosneau

What’s in the box
4 Illustrated Cards to Complete, 6 Sheets of Thick, Coloured and Pre-Cut Paper, 4 Sheets of Stickers, 1 Sheet of Double-Sided Adhesive Stickers and 1 Explanatory Booklet in Colour.