Bubbly Bunny Sleep Soother


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Cute and cuddly, Bubbly Bunny will have your child hopping off to bedtime in no time!

This huggable helper goes everywhere your child goes, with soothing sounds in tow. Supremely soft and sweet, Bubbly Bunny is a beautiful buddy with fluffy plush fur and embroidered nose and eyes. This cotton-tailed companion also makes magical music, soothing little ones into a dreamy bliss with four soothing sound options.


Four soothing sound options for better sleep: friendly giggles, soothing winds, ocean waves and sleep lullaby
Adjustable volume
Soothing sounds scientifically proven to promote better sleep
Two sleep-timer options with auto shut-off: 23 and 45 minutes
Velcro tab for easy attachment to baby’s crib
Removable sound machine
100% plush polyester – soft and easy to clean
Can be machine washed and dried when sound box is removed
Premium quality construction
Suitable for all ages

What’s in the Box:

Super plush, cuddly companion with hidden sound machine
2 AA batteries; included (Yes! The batteries are included!)

Works Like a Dream

Bubbly Bunny is the ultimate cuddling companion! Supremely soft and incredibly cute with giant floppy ears, Bubbly Bunny is always ready to share hugs and kisses. At bedtime, Bubbly Bunny’s built in sound machine plays white noise, proven to lull little ones into slumber. A study of 20 newborns found that infants were more likely to fall asleep within five minutes in response to white noise. (Yes – only five minutes!) Bubbly Bunny includes these soothing sounds, and because little ears are more sensitive, all Cloud b products are kept within recommended sound levels and have adjustable volume settings. Best of all, Bubbly Bunny can grow with your child and become a calming lovey that helps comfort your child to sleep for years to come. Holding, squeezing, petting, and hugging are vital acts of self-soothing that lay the foundation for a lifetime of healthy sleep – making Bubbly Bunny the best bedtime buddy!

User-Friendly Operation

When sleepy time calls, Bubbly Bunny easily attaches to any crib with a velcro tab behind its head. With four soothing sounds and adjustable volume, at the touch of a button your baby will be nodding off in no time at all! After 23 or 45 minutes (depending on which option you choose), Bubbly Bunny shuts off to save battery power and to create a quiet environment for deepest sleep as recommended by pediatricians.

Makes a Great Gift

This heirloom quality companion is certain to become any child’s favorite lovie – cherished for years to come!