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  • The hardest thing about being a parent is keeping your toddler out of the real, hot and dangerous kitchen in your home… but now they can get as hands on as they wish as they discover the joy of creative play-cooking and creating meals, in their very own kitchen, with none of the usual real-life hazards!

  • Your budding little chef’s dream kitchen can come to life with this beautifully crafted set! As your child prepares to copy Mommy and make you super proud with her very own culinary masterpiece, your little girl will be enchanted and delighted all at once!

  • Your child will develop role play skills and this will encourage her kinesthetic development.

  • Kids will have hours of fun playing make believe with this realistic design, learn a variety of skills working in the kitchen, like the importance of sharing and working together with family and friends as well as develop fine motor skills as they work their way around their little kitchen!

  • Made of quality wood with non-toxic parts / pieces and child safe materials ensure a safe play experience for your little one!