Otto Ocean Projector


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  • 3-Step Sleep Program: like other Galaxy Star Light projectors, Otto the Otter helps your little one to fall asleep by progressively fading the animation in 3 stages. The led light projector turns off automatically after 30 minutes of operation. In 10 minute intervals, movement, sound and light are reduced to allow the child to relax and drift into a peaceful and deep sleep.
  • Underwater Sounds/Volume: new-born babies don’t need silence to sleep or calm themselves so Otto the Otter will be accompanying them (day and night) with various soothing sounds (ocean, heartbeat which mimics the reassuring mother’s heartbeat in the uterus, lullabies). Adaptable, Otto the Otter’s volume can always be adjusted to your desired level (2 volume settings).
  • Auto Off, Cry Sensor: the calming sounds and lullabies portable ocean projector comes with a practical auto off function and when activated, Otto the Otter will shut off automatically after 30 minutes. While you are not always around to press the button, during the night when you are in bed, the smart cry sensor activates when baby starts crying. It helps baby to calm down and sleep better.
  • Practical: Suzy the Susher is so handy because it is so durable, thanks to a thoughtful design that has been specially developed to provide reassurance for baby but also to support parents and to accompany them whenever they need it. Sturdy, reliable, and resistant, Otto the Otter is mobile and goes everywhere with you, unfailingly!
  • Battery-Operated: the sounds and lullabies ocean projector operates with 3 AA alkaline batteries (which are not included in the product). ZAZU products are tested according to international safety standards.