Toulouse LapTrec

Toulouse LapTrec

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Get creative with the Toulouse LapTrec from B. toys! This magnetic sketchpad lets you draw whenever and whatever your imagination can think of. Use the magnetic pencil to get started, then add wacky characters with the bunny, puppy, kitty, and ducky! Need to make a change? Pull down the eraser knob for a clean sweep, then start making new and improved designs. This portable drawing board is great for building fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and encourages creativity. It even comes with an easy-to-grab handle, so your little one can practice their skills on the go!


  • Portable drawing board with animal stamps
  • Easy-to-grab handle to design on the go
  • Includes sketch board, (4) animal magnets, and magnetic pencil
  • Recommended for 18 months and up

Dimensions: 12.28 inch x 4.00 inch x 12.00 inch