Zed Nightlight and Soother


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– Zed mimics the feeling of being in a car. His clever technology recreates soothing low-frequency vibrations that are known to send babies to sleep.
– Simply place Zed on the mattress by your baby’s feet and press the snooze button.
– The finely tuned vibrations ripple through the mattress, comforting your baby and encouraging a deep sleep.
– Babies and young children often sleep well in cars.
– Zed uses special motors that generate both the low-frequency rumbles of the car suspension and the revving of the engine.
– As the gentle vibrations pass through the mattress, they also generate soothing sounds.
– Choose from six different vibration modes to find the perfect virtual car ride for your baby.
– Babies tend to sleep in 45-minute cycles, so Zed fades out gently after 1 hour, by which time your baby should be into a second cycle and a deeper sleep.